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1.With the high wave of fitness-for-all, Zhongwei has hosted four national beach sports events every four years to create a showpiece and to meet the increasing sports demand of citizens. The 2020 Ningxia desert sports contest is a regional sports event to popularize and further localize the beach sports.。
2."It has been a complicated year for everyone," the 33-year-old Barcelona forward told reporters. "With the national team we want to try to make people happy with this victory in a difficult situation."。
3.Marchis was initially shown a red card before having it rescinded following a review by the video assistant referee. Enditem。
4.Along with her students, Wang staged her stunning freestyle football tricks in a gala for the celebration of the one-year countdown to the 2021 China's National Games on Sept. 15.。
5.Beijing and Shandong opened their game without too much intensity but the former ruthlessly embarked on a 13-0 run and closed the first half with a 15-point lead.。
6."We always look for new things, strategies, harmony," Tite said of Neymar's free-roaming position just behind the strikers. "Neymar was playing more freely, in a central role, with freedom of movement and then moved wider as the defending got more demanding."。


1."He was unable to train because of pain in his lower back," Lasmar told a virtual news conference. "He's shown a small improvement today, but it is important to consider that less than 24 hours have passed [since the injury]. He's traveled by bus and plane to be here, which has made treatment difficult.。
2.The Heat led for most of the game, thanks to brilliant performances from Butler and Robinson, but the Lakers came roaring back in the fourth quarter to take the lead behind the outstanding play of James.。
3."We have to always improve," Casemiro told reporters. "Douglas came in and did well but we'll get better as we adapt with every game," the 28-year-old added.。
4.First reports speak of the current Formula 2 driver getting offered a seat in Formula 1 for next year's racing series. Rumors talk of Alfa Romeo signing the young German aside from Kimi Raikkonen.。
5."I don't want them to handle the ball at discretion. We can say 'it doesn't matter' after losing a game, but we cannot really take the defeat as nothing, as they can develop a habit of that. Even someday they get the chance of winning, they cannot show enough guts to win."。
6.Most Valuable Player in the regular season, finals and All-stars, Ji almost claimed every individual honor, but on the collective level, she dreamed of winning the championship.。


1.Organizers BSI (Budapest Sport Office) specifically indicated that they fully complied with the health precautions prescribed or recommended by authorities, ensuring the health of participants and supporters.。
2."I don't have much to say but that I was completely overplayed by Rafa, by a better player on the court," said Djokovic in the post-match conference.。
3.She continued to post her powerful serving skills on the court as the world No.11 fired six aces and won 77 per cent of her first serves to clinch the victory.。
4.Loew has worsened his situation by stating he stands above all critics as he has experienced them for nearly 16 years.。
5.The Brazil boss also showed satisfaction with the performances of goalscorers Marquinhos, Philippe Coutinho and Roberto Firmino.。
6."We didn't execute as we prepared for. Some players didn't respond well," rued Shandong coach Luka Sjekloca. Enditem。


1、"We improved our ball movement with the match going deep. Players had expected to win this match through an easy route. After halftime adjustment, we had a different look in the second half," said Zhejiang coach Gu Jiaqing.。
2、RIO DE JANEIRO, Oct. 9 (Xinhua) -- Goals from either side of halftime from Roberto Firmino helped Brazil to a 5-0 defeat of Bolivia in their opening 2022 World Cup qualifier here on Friday.。
3、"The quarantine will last ten days and only after two negative tests the infected skaters will be able to return to training with the group. Everyone was ready to take off and there was no indication that anyone was sick. Unfortunately, the coronavirus did not spare us, and now we have to deal with it," added the bronze medalist from Sochi.。
4、Xu Nairui finished with 14 points as the only player who managed double digits for Daqing.。
5、Sichuan led 42-22 in paint points, and scored 15 points in fast breaks.。


The fifth-ranked team will advance to an inter-continental playoff over two legs. Enditem!


  • 时空 10-21

    BUENOS AIRES, Oct. 8 (Xinhua) -- Lionel Messi converted a first-half penalty as Argentina beat Ecuador 1-0 in their opening South American zone World Cup qualifier on Thursday.

  • 不仅 10-20

    The Lakers beat the Miami Heat in Game 6 of the NBA Finals on Sunday night, winning its first championship in a decade.

  • 气东 10-19

    Beijing and Shandong opened their game without too much intensity but the former ruthlessly embarked on a 13-0 run and closed the first half with a 15-point lead.

  • 佛陀 10-18

    Playing basketball for 27 years, Ji has found her deep love for the game without any surprise.

  • 已经 10-17

    "Seeing his dominance for so long, I don't think anyone - and especially me - thought I'd be anywhere near Michael's records. It's an incredible honour."

  • 大惊 10-16

    Game six will be played on Sunday. Enditem

  • 年的 10-15

    The talk is about 21-year-old Mick who have felt the burden of being compared to his father, the seven times world champion and Formula 1 record holder Michael Schumacher (51).

  • 机会 10-14

    Caputo extended the lead five minutes later as the 33-year-old collected his maiden goal on Cristiano Biraghi's through ball.

  • 古洞 10-13

    "Although there are many traditional Tai Chi schools, I welcome anyone who likes martial arts and traditional culture to join us, regardless of factions," she explained.

  • 开辟 10-12

    But as her career approached a curtain down, Ji has a mixed feeling towards it.

  • 成一 10-11

    The Black Stars, who top their group will meet Sudan in a doubleheader AFCON qualification with the first leg in the Ghanaian town of Cape Coast and the return encounter in Khartoum, Sudan.

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